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Dott Shares This Exciting Single ‘Bleached Blonde’. The Audio Is Fun. The Video Makes It Double The Fun.

Harmonies get to us. They do. And in DOTT, the ladies beautiful singing and interpretations, get to us like looking at the girls of any guy’s dreams – across the room. Just like no one else existed. Like no one else mattered, but just you…and….her.

Captivating is what we’re saying about this new single ‘Bleached Blonde’. The rock and roll element hangs hard and fast with this one, but the contrast of the singing from the ladies, just makes it that much better.

There were times of in the holy war of self-confidence, tragedies occur – i.e. casualties of war. The war continues from the day you set your feet into your first school class. Outside of the warm shell of your mother’s protection, you’re left to your devices, to linger, to absorb, to test, and to reveal. And you reveal yourself – of who you are, and what you are – first. Nothing starts, without this.

But the shores of life is long and rapid. It’s sunshine drenched, and sometimes, dark and cloudy.

We get to experience ALL, and in between. You make your mark on the sand, just to be wiped clean.

You can start clean. Every time. If you’d wish.

It’s within.

‘Bleached Blonde’ is taken from their upcoming new album ‘Heart Swell’, which drops June 8th.

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