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doubleVee – Map the Channels

Launched 2012, Allan and Barb Vest’s project doubleVee is unique to the bone. The flight of decadence is framed in each layer of music that is expertly arranged and clinical. But the single ‘Map The Channels’ never loses the sheen and shine of what it means to be fabulously wealthy with creative juices. The duo surely burst with them. Major motion pictures to TV shows have synced with Allen’s music. Remember Malcolm In The Middle or Californication? Yep, you know it, and the list goes on and on. Though with the air of commercial, the songs are, themselves, iconically indie and never is over bearing. That’s where gold is harvested. ‘Map The Channels’ is one of those fascinating examples of such.

Misty Mtn – Silver

MISTY MTN stated: “When we sat down to write ‘Silver’ we had one goal in mind – write a sexy song. In the process of finishing our debut EP, we had a lot of songs we loved but nothing that evoked the word ‘sexy’ – which for us is more of a feeling, like a grit or an edginess that you feel deep inside. We began discussing both the moon and silver, as elements that evoke the feeling. From there, we wanted to explore the idea of ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ affecting your daily life or accounting for your behavior based on your astrological sign.” The duo of Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall makes it plain and clear that they are here to kick some butt. And when the two construct singles like ‘Silver’ you must take note. The revelry glistening on the surface of this planetary observance of a single, it simply takes you to another place and time. Dark but never grayer; light but never blinding – the single intrinsically drives a nail of truth to our animal urges and then caresses with care and depth. Mission accomplished. Their debut EP ‘Missed Your Call’ drops May 9th.

Mind of Max – Lost in my Love

Stated Max: “[Lost In My Love] is about coming to terms with the red flags that we sometimes ignore in relationships and the video shows a lonely astronaut searching for the galaxy’s happiest planet. It’s super cute, and I’ll leave it at that.” Yes. You may leave it at that Max Weiner. For you are the singer of folk that is what we want in our lives. Telling of stories is a delicious but sometimes arduously unfair affair. But sometimes too, all things click and the emotions are fairly and graciously implanted onto waves of goodness. That’s what we have here in MIND OF MAX’ single ‘Lost In My Love’. It’s that dark pair of sunglasses we wear within the glow of such a relationship. In hindsight we dread, but oh boy, did it feel good to be within that warm envelopment of cardigan-like warmth. Max tells it in this single and we love it for its honesty. Are we in that kind of relationship now? Maybe. If so, let’s come back to this single to remind ourselves that “It’ll be alright. Let’s laugh about it and move on.”

Glass Dove – Terrible Secrets

There was no time to waste, in Josh Benus’ mind. Not anymore. Not for a long while. Life is fleeting and dangerously precarious. And after many challenges, where among them he’d experience life-threatening circumstance, he’d made an oath to himself: “After my experiences, I made a pact with myself…I decided there was no plan B..It became clear to me how quick this could all disappear, and that there was no better time than now, to seriously pursue my art.” That strength of conviction is baked into each word and note of his single ‘Terrible Secrets’. The heft and the wrought-iron nakedness, shines a light to a world that he knows deep inside. He works to reveal them to his listeners – for a hopeful future that we all deserve. “I’ve given up counting the number of mornings that I’ve read the news and come away feeling helpless,” said Josh about ‘Terrible Secrets’. “I had no plans to write a political song, but I knew I had to do something to engage in the conversation and be a voice for those who don’t have one. This song is about those in power who divide us to maintain their privilege, and how our inaction gives voice to [those] ‘Terrible Secrets.'” Heft, indeed.

Morgan Cameron Ross – Everything Seems Quiet in the Dark

Songsmith MORGAN CAMERON ROSS is as honest as you can get with lyrical summations into music. With a tension that is foreboding and ominous, the entrenched selection of vibes find themselves settled into story telling of recognizable magnitude. ‘Everything Seems Quiet In The Dark’ is a varied assertion for the nominal that is intrinsically more powerful than the biggest stars in the Universe. There’s that one thing between two lovers and their understanding of each other. But itself can be fleeting. Can we all appreciate what we’d had? Can we all appreciate the goodness we’d had in our lives that we mistrusted and never fully caressed? ‘Sadness, art, and struggle’ all combine to make the textures that demonstrate such a morass. From that darkness we can overcome, and triumph. Can we? Morgan asks the questions that we all ask everyday. Vancouver, BC (Canada) based Morgan is fab on this single. Simple and pure.


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