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dovebox – vaccinate

Like a chain gang, ready to battle to the death, the marching orders of dobebox’ single ‘vaccinate’ is an orthodoxy of preludes, convulsing in horror of the fore-front. The project of dovebox is headed by Zack Larson. The electronics artist, who dips into multiple genres of his craft, nips at the buds of truth and self, to writhe into the vastest of the forsaken Universe he creates. The space between worlds is un-human and vast. Zack is here to make things accountable with indelible pension for the odd and inter-dimensional. The tinge of haunting cyborg vibes from ‘vaccinate’, is willing to take you to the sub-edge of that Universe, never letting go, but coaxing you to only hold for dear recognition with the pinky finger. Just a slight breeze, you’ll be embroiled in chaos. But you don’t. And you’re safe.

Ancestral Memories – growing older

Zachary Sterman is Ancestral memories: “I want to be interested in making and creating something that’s gonna stop me from hurting; and instead of focusing and being interested on something that is hurting them you know and training something else to basically automate the feelings of my body is generative music. I’m like training another machine to control the methods of how my brain thinks when I listen to it I’m almost medicating the processes of how I think so I can continue to do the things that I do. And I think that works for a lot of people I think that’s how music in general works.” Word. Let’s let this simmer and absorb. ‘Growing Older’ is part of his debut album, ‘am pm’.

roosle – slowly, surely

roosle said: “This song is an attempt to create a modern lullaby. Part for me and mostly for my newborn daughter, who i try to find gentle music for.” ‘Slowly, Surely’ is the latest from roosle, and the artist is on a mission of sorts to keep a lullaby of a certain caliber at the beck and call of the public. Inspired and trying to be helpful, his sensibilities of what music might be niche. However, his willingness to press the boundaries – his boundaries – is fascinating to watch and listen. There’s very little that roosle has let the public know about his/her personal and/or professional information, but we’ll be here to see when more can be known. In the meantime, let’s jam with roosle as the artist’s daughter does too.

QLTY – Ghost

“This is the last song off of my first solo release,” stated QLTY. “The song…is pondering the idea of finality.” Being released from the norm, is an act of freedom and grace at times. A self preservation of moves and dictations, that after much thought, you give a green light in confidence. Only your mind has the fortitude to let things just go, for the sake of sanity. Sometimes it’s a vaccuous exercise, but never does come with any rewards, from without. Canadian artist, living in Texas – QLTY makes his Solo project known through his album that includes ‘Ghost’. A jamming cusp of humanity, surrounded by the golden topping of jazzy understudies in human emotions and of course, doubt. The founding member of Toronto Indie Rock Band, ‘WILDLIFE’, we assume his new chapter of life and music, correspond in ways that only that silent murmur within his head can fathom. We can at least glimpse a bit though his music.

SHIVA – Sunshine (One Love)

“Imagine a world, a world without borders,” contemplated SHIVA, “where humans lived in harmony with nature. A world that knew no religion and celebrated life as a divine entity. A world that healed itself through the sounds of the the universe. A world so connected that languages didn’t exist – only music.” Native to a small town nestled in the Himalayan ranges of North India, SHIVA is a singer, songwriter, producer, and a human being of this world with conscience in mind. ‘Sunshine’ is a positive note on what COULD be. Besides the insurmountable challenges, SHIVA still takes a stab at pushing the ‘sunshine’ agenda. The song is illustrative of such feelings, and we as listeners are better for it.


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