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Doviak ‘Empire’ : Calculates into an amorphous distinction for clamoring emotions.

Look for his music video, December 6th.

There’s something distinct and special about Doviak’s single ‘Empire’. A futuristic and dystopian vibe, comes at you with the ‘1984’ gradient in life and meanings. A vision in invigorating resonance, the song calculates into an amorphous distinction for clamoring emotions.

Said Doviak: “‘Empire’ was conceived while on tour in a wintry Berlin hotel. It’s a distanced look at the changing political landscape of modern and 20th century Britain through the lens of someone alienated by the modern world. It beings furtively but intensely and builds to a pounding end.”

The British musician/producer has been lauded for his work on Johnny Marr’s albums as co-producer as well as guitarist over numerous world tours

The Manchester based multi-instrumentalist evokes a worldview with understated partitions and electrifyingly resolute new-age glamor.

There will be a music video for this single, which will drop December 6th.



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