Downtown Market covers Rivers Cuomo ‘Lover in the Snow’ : Lovingly to push the soul to love life once more.

Downtown Market

‘Lover In The Snow’, the venerably loved single from Weezer front-man Rivers Cuomo, is covered by Tokyo based indie duo, Downtown Market. The cover lays bare the flatteringly subdued exuberance of the original to fully reveal the second part of what and how life had revealed itself. The second chapter of that darkness and hesitations within the lyrics, Downtown Market’s effervescence suits it lovingly to push the soul to love life once more.

‘Lover In The Snow’ is recorded in Cuomo’s solo album ‘Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo’, which is a favorite song of Sleepingowl, the composer of Downtown Market.

Downtown Market is Sleepingowl and KurumiI Sasaki and they were born and raise in Iwate, Japan. They make songs they love to play, and help their listeners learn of their passions, further.

This song is mixed and mastered by Cameron Lew from Ginger Root, the bedroom artist who was supposed to perform in SXSW 2020.


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