Downtown Market ‘Stay With Me’ : It’s just a dang good time.

Downtown Market

Sleepingowl (Keisuke Sawa) and Kurumi Sasaki are together Downtown Market. Surf-rock and pop, they are bound by none as the beaches of heavens deliver wafts of easy-breezy goodness.

‘Stay With Me’, said Keisuke, was “inspired by ‘Hesitation’ by Hot Flash Heat Wave. I put a touch that “Lots of things may fall to you and me or not, but after all, this world is so simple..”

The Indie-pop wave band, shimmers in the most delicate ways, as its stories in hindsight, tells pomp and circumstance of daily living and our mis-understood hearts. The delectable shine, glares with charming undertones, as it blinds your sense for whatever might be out there.

A glancing blow to everything irreverent, ‘Stay With Me’ sings with you, as you trek through this, sometimes, heady times.

It’s just a dang good time.

So, warm those hands over the roaring fire, and let’s get comfy.


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