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Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice Shares ‘It’s Alive’. “Oddity Is Affectionately Glorious.”

Melbourne based DR SURE’S UNUSUAL PRACTICE is delicious. Just like an apple off of that orchard tree, in fall. Just like when you brush your teeth, after a fulfilling steak dinner. Just like the ‘pepper’ in a pepper-mint candy. The kiss of death is as sweet as DR SURE can make it.

‘It’s Alive’ is the continuing saga of this fabulously odd and weirdness that exudes profusely from the sweat glands of this band.

Peculiar indeed.

Post-punk, indeed.

Radical, like your ear piercing.

The twists and turns are purposeful with DSUP’s atmospherics, and in this latest single, they tackle the 80’s with their own ‘tongue-in-cheek’ rabble-rousing, perfect for the non-family oriented booze fest.

It goes perfect like ‘Champagne wishes & caviar dreams’, but with the exorbitant attitudes in subtle digs in culture, politics, and everything in between.

The band’s musical histrionics is of pure indulgence and can never be gorged or binged.

But we do. We did.

And their oddity is affectionately glorious.

So, did you guess what ‘It’s Alive’ was about? The song is about “a human who turns into a smartphone one limb at a time. The line between human and phone is blurred, who’s controlling who?”


Dougal Shaw is DR. SURE and in this magnetic enterprise of a project, with the help of his pals, Miranda Holt (Lubulwa, Strangers From Now On), Jake Suriano (Hideous Sun Demon, Kitchen People) and Jack Mccullagh (Hot Sludge Fundae, Fishmonger), the project keeps on to that afterlife.

Heck yes.



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