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Draumr Shares Beautiful & Dream-Like State Of Consciousness With Single ‘Seamless’.

Some songs take you away. And in Draumr’s (Gabriel Cheurfa) single ‘Seamless’ the worlds collide from the two sides of the different coins, with effervescent and uplifting instrumentals and pop goodness from a bygone (and longed for) boy band. But it’s better than that. Much better.

Cheurfa’s musical sensibilities is deeply embedded with delicious symphonic textures in the arrangement, captivating our senses and triggering many things in our heads.

To us, ‘Seamless’ invokes dreamy memories of Christopher Cross’ hits, with world-music-jazz-R&B-Sade-like beauty. But Cheurfa states that he’s been influenced by ‘The Beatles’, ‘Panda Bear’, ‘Ariel Pink’, ‘Grouper’, ‘Tame Impala’ (to name a few) and describes his sound as “ethereal dream pop and glo-fi.” Well, we think all of them are great company.

“Draumr means ‘dream’ in ancient Norse” and is “born of the dialogue between imagination and reality.”

Kudos, Gabriel. Kudos.

His upcoming EP ‘Ethereal Mildness’ will drop June 22nd (mixed by Stéphane ‘Alf’ Briat (Air, Phoenix, Sébastien Tellier).



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