Draumr ‘Sunlight Tryst’ (Feat. Dorcas Coppin) : Nostalgia-driven track about altered memories.


‘Sunlight Tryst’ is a nostalgia-driven track about altered memories. Drawing a lucid dream where everything seems to hang together, but yet always unreachable. The summery tones and vibrant colors of this modern Sunshine Pop anthem brings back the burning desire of escaping and falling in love again.

Musician Gabriel Cheurfa, along with French actress/singer Dorcas Coppin, brings beautiful and distinct sounds to an ethereal dream pop landscape.

The project weaves a delicate web between genres to explore the strange universe of images, sounds, and doubts of dreams fading in the morning. Draumr deals with the sensitivity of those whose affinities lie beyond society’s addiction to sensationalism, far from the deafening battle for our attention, whose lively flame too often silently die out under the weight of an inhumane reality.

‘Sunlight Tryst’ is from his first album ‘Drawn-Out Daydream’, due to come out in fall 2020 (DesTours Records).


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