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Drauve // Del Barber // Mouth of Ghosts // EYRE LLEW // Holdan

Drauve – Haunted

‘Haunted’ is the single from Pittsburgh’s own dream pop band, DRAUVE (rhymes with the color ‘mauve’). Hazy, gazey, inveritably dream-pop, the band explores vulnerability, anxiety, and passions of humans that inhabit footrpints of their own making. Four friends, collectively filtering basement holidays and personal stories, delectably reconcile each path of nuanced musical shimmer with gentle and applicable songs of positivity and promises. The band consists of: Vic Morgan, Evan Yester, Nick Linder, and Stephen Grzenda.

Del Barber – No Easy Way Out

DEL BARBER is inspired by the cultural backdrop of Canada. He writes about struggles between relationships, hard work, and love. The Manitoba originating artist wins hearts with ballads of blue collar contrasts, just like he does with ‘No Easy Way Out’. Country-folk traditions are the grit of framing that he chooses to lock down, and with his empathetic vocals and lyrics, his audience gets to experience them with clarity. DB’s new album ‘Easy Keeper’ is out now.

Mouth of Ghosts – The Price

MOUTH OF GHOSTS’s self titled 2019 debut 10 track LP (available now) is a journey of complex musical history and self preservation. Stories of diverse textures, intermingle with the peppered accents of desperation, altruism, conflicts, and inner turmoil. The band’s cohesive representation in the album, succumbs to the vocal beauty, and hits hards with guitar driven pin-points of light and sound. Emotions ravaged, to pick themselves up for another fight – another day.


Nottingham based ambient soaked rock trio EYRE LLEW, casts dispersions into the eye of the beholder, with atmospheric contentment for the real, and attempts of nostalgia for the better side of living and thriving. With soaring – inspirational vocals, ‘Silo’ is one of many examples of highly tuned and ambitious attention in dramatic assertions. The music is deliberate with high-anticipation, challenges in feelings, then a euphoric ‘eureka’ moment that is hidden beneath a coat of personal angst. Recorded in Seoul, their latest 5 song EP is a split effort with South Korean shoegaze band IN THE ENDLESS ZANGYANG WE ARE. EYRE LLEW’s latest is a beautiful corner of the musical Universe, when you have to get there. The band consists of: Jack Clark, Jack Bennett, and Sam Heaton

Holdan – Magic

We’d featured HOLDAN with his single ‘Bright Red’. Called him that: “the pop artist gains with poignant lyrics and reverent thrust of sultriness…creates for himself all of the trappings of being an artist, curating the sometimes lonesome road, with the curiously attractive means of what it means to sing your heart out.” His song ‘Magic’ is sewn from the same cloth. “The catchy pop melodies and hooks makes things a bit better as the harshness of life, becomes easier to swallow.” Word.


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