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Drauve // I Know You Know // Kate Teague // Moon Panda // Ora the Molecule

Drauve – Out Of It

Pittsburg based dream-pop band DRAUVE will set you free. ‘Out Of It’ is a textures based shimmer of a song, and it re-kindles the kind of unspoken understandings that made being in love – making love – so cascading-ly beautiful to experience. But it has to end sometime, right? The song is about a failed relationship. It had that run of beauty, though, as all relationships offer. Pot marks of challenges, mistaken information, undelivered angsts, and misinterpretations, sideline the shine of it all. Love is fickle. ‘Out Of It’ makes the whole experience, worth while. For the single delivers with the kind of maturity in hind-sight, pertinent to the forward moving person you have become. DRAUVE is new, but has been with you always. You just never realized. The band consists of: Vic Morgan, Evan Yester, Nick Linder, and Stephen Grzenda.

I Know You Know – One of a Kind

Indie rock band from Sydney keeps it simple. Rockin’ out are Alex Toh, Sam Aylward, Love Ernving and Gerardo Torres. And when they play, taking the early 2000’s Brit-rock vibes to heart, they help you rock out with simplicity and clarity in mind. Influenced by mega bands like Arctic Monkeys, Blur, and The Strokes, they bring tinge of garage-rock to the effervescent side of the rock that rocks. Boppin’ and lingering with the good natured feelz, the band casts a recognizable directness that is easy to understand and love. Fun times? Heck yes.

Kate Teague – Sweetheart

“I was eager to learn when I was starting out, but there came a point when I started to recognize that I knew what I was talking about, that I did have the right answers,” she said unapologetically. “And I got tired of tolerating people who thought they knew my job better than me.” She sings: “Don’t call me sweetheart..I can frown if I want to.” A powerful ascension in lyrical works, the skin on your body shiver in acknowledgement, as the honesty and thrust of these lyrics just part you into two, as they impart wisdom. The resonating indie offering gravitates to the women and girls of the current age. The Mobile, Alabama native remembers those times of demanded gender judgements, and she sings it with her now adult experiences within the industry. The stories accumulated amounts to the same themes. But she’s not budging to the world that is hurtful, misogynistic, and sexist. She’s here to help keep chipping away at that encrusted scourge of attitudes. Kate is special and we’re on her side.

Moon Panda – On The Attack

‘On The Attack’ is the single from atmospheric dream pop duo MOON PANDA. With the single, accompanying is the visceral music video for the single, and it instantly tantalizes in voyeuristic pleasures, in innuendoes and personal catechisms. About the song, Maddy Myers stated: “Going back and forth between self reliance and feeling like an unattached wild animal, chasing affection and adoration. Waiting for a text back, a call, some proof that I’m missed. Hopefully, it outlines that chaos that can happen inside you when you just want that warmth and acceptance.” Maddy works in conjunction with her bandmate, Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke, and the duo carves out section of hardened sap from the inklings of the world beneath, retro-fitting feelings of regrets and doubts, then dismantling in joyous rehabilitation of the heart and mind – through song. Upcoming EP “Pastel Pools” will collect singles ‘Rabbit’, ‘Gun’, ‘On The Attack’ and include more new work for fans to look forward to.

Ora the Molecule – When Earth Took A Breath (Are You There?)

Nora of ORA THE MOLECULE stated: “One night I realised that it was a dream, so I turned around and spoke to the ghost. He then disappeared, I woke up and I never had the dream again, as if confronting him broke the illusion, and that he could only exist as long as I feared him.” With roots in Norway, Germany, and Slovakia, the band is an enchantment, that should be a part of every household. Consisting of Nora the vocalist, Sju the drummer, and Jan of the synth, the majestic void of the trio radiates with grand plans and existentially prudent vibes. The alt-dance pop scene that OTM provides is a galant vision for our every-day. The band originally formed in Los Angeles, and haven’t stopped since. Bringing in the ultra interest through their manic but expansive music to the masses, they please with every breath. See them next on September 18th in Den Haag, Netherlands in support of Young the Giant during their European tour.


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