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Dream Mogadishu // Scotty Seed // Since When // Tommy Ocean // Badison

Dream Mogadishu – Nancy Grace

“CHF, what kind of horsesh*t is this?!” you ask politely. As we turn around with a deep puff of our cigarette, we reply, “‘Nancy Grace’ is what she is. She’s a real character on TV. And this song is of that ‘essence’ of that character.” Then you snap your fingers to the weirdness of the staggered beats of this awfully odd song. DREAM MOGADISHU is just there. You look at its works like ‘Nancy Grace’, and you become consumed. It’s harsh, you may never like it, but it’s too late to get it off your jacket. The scent of the project lingers. The song is ‘horrendous’, and somehow it gets to you. This is the project of Redd Kaiman. Word.

Scotty Seed – Trephination

SCOTTY SEED isn’t what you wanted for the new year. But there’s a certain draw. The lip smacking and jaunted lunges of his beats, relaxing as it hits your skin, reverberates to a certain level of degradation and malfeasance. And in ‘Traphination’ the muffled and haunting vocals, draw you to a possibility of excitement and cause. You step forward to the edge, not knowing what is beyond. You smile in anticipation, for this might be the end… an end to the suffering of malnourished notes and visage declaring soundscapes. Will it? Or won’t it? Scotty knows, but won’t tell.

Since When – The Straw

Wisconsin 4 piece indie-rock band SINCE WHEN brings us back. To that ‘basement’ of rockness, we so enjoyed from the college years. The basics are all that’s needed, for the energy and honesty beats every ounce of creativity from each and every note. That’s what happens in this single ‘The Straw’. Dipping its toes with dynamic guitar riffs and fervent vocals, the lyrics of ‘The Straw’ is pure as the driven snow. It’s light, airy, direct, and manicures that inviting feeling in rock, we missed for a while.

Tommy Ocean – Another Day, Another Time

Therapy is in song. Writing, to iron out some things that has bothered you for a long time. Therapy in music. The world is never calmer, or reduced to tears when singing. Tommy’s been featured several times, and there’s a reason. His closeness with his emotions is closer than most. His honesty is closer to his defined ‘tragedies’ are as honest it can be. And there, his music lives – robust, and genuine – with little frivolity, but much depth. “I wrote this song about one year ago when I had to go through a pretty tough winter physically and mentally,” stated TOMMY OCEAN. “And when I say “tough winter”, it’s not the drama queen kind of stuff… It was something I wouldn’t even wish to my worst enemy. It made me even rethink life itself…” His songs are for him, and for his ‘therapy’. It all starts there, and it blossoms.

Badison – Slave

BADISON is a solo project of a musician named Dora from Düsseldorf, Germany. And she’s so very much in our hearts through this decadent and beautiful synth driven new-wave love called ‘Slave’. The 80’s aesthetics is the glow you hear and feel through this song. But the sweetness and dynamics is solely deduced by the lyrical and vocal output of Dora. With the distinct and purposeful synth aromatics prevalent in the song, BADISON, causes all kinds of nostalgia to play in our souls – mixing genres when she can, and hitting all of the marks. Word.


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