Dream Reporter ‘Disappearing’ : Our struggles to be better, conflicted in a zone of discipline and the most mysterious.

Dream Reporter

Off of the latest EP, ‘Where Do I Go From Here’, Dream Reporter’s single ‘Disappearing’ is a conducive animation of heart and of the wandering emotion. A pendulum of visions, overlapping in kind, the single’s charming and uplifting cause, is a promise to oneself (ourselves) to be more mindful.

“I’m definitely someone who often knows what I think about things or who picks up on the tiniest nuances of what other people are thinking/feeling pretty quickly. Yet I have a really hard time figuring out how I’m actually feeling myself. Sometimes even locating the part of me that feels. So sure, the song is about communicating on a deeper level to your partner & that being hard because it often creates conflict,” said the artist.

“It’s also about trying to explain this feeling of not really feeling yourself at your core anymore. Of feeling like you’re floating away from a world you can’t really feel connected to anymore. When other people’s needs have become enmeshed with your own or that you’ve compromised or put other things ahead of yourself so much that your identity feels eroded, almost to the point of no return.”

Self doubt always come out into the thick of the battle. Our struggles to be better, conflicted in a zone of discipline and the most mysterious.

“Am I shutting everything out to test how I might feel without it? Or am I just figuring out what I actually want and how to ask for it? Or maybe I’m hoping if I just fade out the hard decisions get made for me. Either way, the only forward is acknowledging how you feel, and that’s what this song is about for me.”

But life goes on. And with ‘Disappearing’, it is an open ended answer to your future.

Open ended, indeed.


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