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Dream Reporter // Mikaela Dawn // Gone Gone Beyond // A Joker’s Rage // Chico Harpo

Dream Reporter – White Horse

“You’re just not the one for me.” Simple as that, the discussion took a different route. He scratched his head in confusion. She stared at him with lazer focus, as he was waiting for some indication that he ‘got it’. But nope. That wasn’t going to happen today. She wondered if she needs a relationship like this in her life. She often thought this to herself, but this was the first time she seriously considered it. “Why can’t you get me?” she mumbled under her breath. He then suddenly stepped to her and hugged her. “I know I frustrate you a lot of the time,” as he gently whispered in her ear. “But in some way I do get you. Just give me time.” DREAM REPORTER has a knack for telling stories of curiosity within a realm of the untraveled. The catchy song of ‘White Horse’ will morph in your head, the way you want it to. And at the end of it all, it’ll make heck of a lot of sense.

Mikaela Dawn – Bye For Now

MIKAELA DAWN is a country singer/songwriter with all of the acumen of singing her heart out for a story of significance. Even a small passing tale, or a thundercloud coming over the horizon, Mikaela’s beautiful musical soul and vocals help guid you through. ‘Bye For Now’ is an oil painting of a narrative song where we see through protagonists eyes, who loved on this earth, and are blessed to have the means to meeting their loved ones again in another life. The song is about the human heart and resilience. The willingness to keep meaningful connection, even if it’s just dire. Mikaela’s vocal excellence drives that home, effectively and succinctly. Lovely, to be sure.

Gone Gone Beyond – Things Are Changing

“We had the honor of playing this song at the 2018 United Nations General Assembly. “Things are changing, for the better this time.” Music is our medicine. We believe in the power of music to unify humanity. So much of what we hear in music divides us. We believe in creating music that heals.” We surely agree. It’s not a panacea, but it’s pure love that we all can dig and keep it going for the generations now, and to come. GONE GONE BEYOND is a project of David Block, joined by multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriters Danny Musengo, Kat Factor Mel Seme and Paul Weinfield.

A Joker’s Rage – Ballet to the masses

Freddie Mercury, the incomparable maestro of millions of fans and leader of the mega band QUEEN, was the inspiration of this single ‘Ballet To The Masses’ by A JOKER’S RAGE. Good music has zero barriers, and genres. Inspiration starts from a young age, and aspirations of bringing magic note by note is driven by reputations of excellence. Freddie was one of the definition for excellence. A JOKER’S RAGE would agree. A fabulous rockin’ tribute by Zakky Boy Taylor, Adam ‘Twiggy’ Gauton, Geordie Ginface, and Matt ‘Bam Bam’ Collinge.

Chico Harpo – Dear Carla

CHICO HARPO was born/raised in Southern California. With sunshine perpetually at his back, he was influenced by The Beach Boys, Bad Religion, Thelonious Monk, musica latina de todos estilos y Elliott Smith. The jazz, latin, rock musician composes music for the time of his feelings. With dreams of working in the music industry, suddenly one day he was in the corporate cubicle world. Now he writes about his experiences in the ‘real’ world, and brings beautifully crafted singles like ‘Dear Carla’ for us to love and endear our senses with. The gentle weeping and sentimental atmospherics in his singles unlock our minds from the daily grind. With songs like ‘Dear Carla’, we live in a dream like state, looking for more excuses to star gaze. Thanks Chico, for sure.


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