Dream Tonic ‘Promise Of A New Day’ : Moody, humid, cosmic, and local to your heart.

Dream Tonic

Kristin Allen-Farmer is Dream Tonic, and she is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, singer, arranger and producer. As a classically trained pianist with an appetite for dance music, Dream Tonic’s style of approaching composition is an eclectic blend of two seemingly diverse worlds. Dream Tonic’s musical work is both dreamy and gritty. With breathy, ethereal vocals riding over the top of lush, warm pads and heavy subs, her music embraces you in a cocoon of sound.

“While studying classical piano at the university, the main piano theme for this song was born,” Kristin stated. “I was playing a lot of Debussy at the time and was greatly inspired by his lush harmonic language, which worked its way into my own compositions. Only recently – on a warm, sunny Saturday morning filled with promise – was a song with lyrics born out of this original piano theme. The lyrics are universal…a testimony to both the power of potential and hope as well as gratitude for the moment as is.”

Moody, humid, cosmic, and local to your heart, the promise of ‘Promise Of A New Day’ is that it’s jazzy nature and optimal trip-hop vagary, will seduce.

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I have to say I'm pretty excited about releasing this song baby that has been simmering in my mind for awhile now – I'd be honored if you could give this teaser a listen! The piano lick in this song has been rolling around in my head since my college days of playing Debussy on the piano. Not until recently did lyrics and accompaniment emerge. I'm extra excited because I had a chance to collaborate with @boomfoxproductions on this. I'd be honored if you can give this teaser a listen – the entire song comes out tomorrow night at 9pm PDT (which is also my husband’s @taifarmer birthday!). Also tagging @markhimley of @marqueetrees as I was nominated to share some unreleased material, so here ya go! #newmusicalert #newmusic2020 #independentartist #indie #newsingle #newsong #indiemusic #radio #song #new #dance #fmpworld #upcomingartist #musicians #explore #newmusiccomingsoon #spotify #newmusic #sexymusic #lyricvideos

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