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DreamerQueen – I Am DreamerQueen

DreamerQueen’s I Am DreamerQueen is reminiscent of 80’s artists like ‘Tiffany’ and ‘Debbie Gibson’. But, unlike the 80’s pop stars, the addition of modern synth and current lyrical mysticism, starts DreamerQueen on that notable path. ‘I Am DreamerQueen puts that ‘Far And Away’ stick in the ground, and claims her own footprint.

The song is oddly attractive. The first bar does it for us. Then the addition of her vocals, takes the cake. The icing is the clarity and ‘enjoy-ability’ of the song – which made us very happy.

The exciting part is that her vocals naturally has that classic 80’s attitude. Which, in today’s climate, it fits great with the 80’s/Synthwave/Outrun electronica niche.

Her vocals can be as comparable to Synthwave/Outrun ‘queens’ like: Dana Jean Phoenix, The Boy and Sister Alma, or Kristine. With the right combination of producers for that genre, DreamerQueen can bring a different ‘mellower’ attitude the that niche.

DreamerQueen (Natalie Marie Rose Guedes) is exciting to listen to.

“My mission, when it comes to my music, allows me to both play and have fun, and make a difference.”

Anywho, we’re excited we got to know her efforts, and certainly wish her the brightest of musical futures.




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