dreamfreak ‘woke’ : Glow is profound, as you have the control to make it so.


When Danny and Tara wrote the lyrics for woke, they brought two different perspectives that just happened to work together in a beautiful way. The song is about how depression and anxiety can feel like some sort of dark entity tormenting you, and the only way to escape it is to sleep or heavily intoxicate yourself to the point of unconsciousness.

So being awake is kind of like torture…but if you find someone that is worth staying awake for then it feels like a dream.

Buckle your seatbelt. Put on your best shirt. Then look out the window of the future – of you. The glow is profound, as you have the control to make it so. Only in a dream you can. Or is it? Surpass the notions for limits. Break away from the sonic nomenclature.



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