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DRENS Share Single ‘Best Friend’. Driving Up The Garage Way Of Yearning, And Beer.

There’s no sign or indication of any kind of beer in this song. There’s only the traces of yearning and maybe (juxtaposition) of contrast for what others are thinking. They know what they are thinking about. They know others judge them. “What actions can taken to make this right??” There’s never a perfect answer. There’s only DRENS’ ‘Best Friend’ – a raggedy ‘grilling’ of a certain subject, and a plea to sanity. Ride the wave of doubt and want; we all do it.

For what it’s worth, self-doubt and indoctrination for the norma and ‘constructive’ can be a death in itself. The boredom of it all. The actual delight in the flight – the extending of your ‘wings’ into the new night – that is what’s good and exciting.

Polluting the road to a certain relationship, by diluting what you’d want to become…is that worth the fight? Are you less of a ‘good person’ doing so?

If you must pursue, you must not dilute.

Be a good person, though. You and others deserve it.

The Germany based band consists of: Fabian Livrée, Arno Augustin, Patrick Uitz-Blickling, Joël Brüning. They’d been on a roll these days and are on a tour tsunami. They deserve that.



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