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Drens Share Single ‘Bicycle Rider’. “Just Need Some Vitamin C, Man!”

Reviewing DRENS’ single ‘Best Fried’ we stated: “There’s no sign or indication of any kind of beer in this song. There’s only the traces of yearning and maybe (juxtaposition) of contrast for what others are thinking. They know what they are thinking about. They know others judge them. “What actions can taken to make this right??” There’s never a perfect answer. There’s only DRENS’ ‘Best Friend’ – a raggedy ‘grilling’ of a certain subject, and a plea to sanity. Ride the wave of doubt and want; we all do it.”

‘Bicycle Rider’ is ‘psychotic’.

And we love it like that refreshing grapefruit at the supermarket, when you’d been on a meat diet.

“Just need some vitamin C, man!”

That’s how we feel this single is: Kick in the butt, jolt of ‘fresh’.

Don’t need a lot of words.

Don’t need a lot of pretense.

Just give me that jolt of that chilled goodness.

DRENS is this fabulous punk band from Germany, and bet they are just fabulous live.

Getting sweaty just thinking about moshing in the pit.


August 10 Open Flair festival, Eschwege
August 11 Rock an der Eider, Stapel
August 17/18 Hütte Rockt festival, Georgsmarienhütte
October 4 Djäzz, Duisburg
October 12 Brause, Düsseldorf


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