Drew Danburry ‘Mediocrity, for Micah Dahl Anderson’ : It’s an anthem, that says, “It’ll be alright.”

Drew Danburry

“I wrote a song about Mediocrity. I thought if I made a hand drawn animation myself it would demonstrate the idea of Mediocrity well since I had never animated anything in my life. So I spent months drawing every single day. Eventually, I finished. This song encapsulates everything I’ve ever done in the past 15 years in the most efficient and succinct way.”

“So much work. So much time. So much energy. But only so much talent…”

Drew Danburry is a barber, musician, filmmaker, skateboarder, and avid Magic the Gathering nerd among many other things. And he makes some of the most poignant rendition about himself and the experiences he’s had in his life. A constant note-taker for what life throws at him, the veteran of more than 400 songs, 20 albums, and 13 EPs, he’s still encapsulated with the urgings and yearnings of examining the life that could have been.

We all do this. And for good reason. It’s a tool to keep one on his/her toes, in the event to move along to another lane of life.

A life that is funny, cruel, unfair, and enjoyable at times, gets in the way. In the way at the cusp of opportunity that seemed to get away.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe, it was just you. Maybe, it was coincidence.

No matter what the reason, is it ever that much greener on the other side of the fence?

Drew’s ‘Mediocrity, for Micah Dahl Anderson’, is more fabulous than we think.

It’s an anthem, that says, “It’ll be alright.”

Keep Drew in your sights.


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