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Drew Schiff // Tim Freitag // Sam Florian // Kit Major // Sidi

Drew Schiff – Ride The Wave

To be honest, we’re not sure DREW SCHIFF is from this Earth. Why do we say so? Because from what we know, the pop singer/songwriter is a jack of all trades. From leaving home in his teens because of the rejection from his family, to self-funding his college education, then settling in as a voice for many through his musical craft, the ‘android’ like accomplishments of Drew is one of those inspirations that we all should take a pause at. Now, in the last couple of years, he’s found the confidence to really drive forward his passion for music, and performance. With more than 150K fans on Instagram, the influence, now truly can try his hand at making someone convinced of the positive, for the better. For this single, Drew has and continue to dedicate all proceeds to the Stonewall Community Foundation (LGBTQ Movement organization and advocacy), based in NYC. “The song’s message is that no matter what your past is, what society tells you who you should (or shouldn’t) be or if you feel that you’re not good enough, as long as you’re here with me we can deal with it all, together we will become the eye of the storm.” You go get ’em Drew.

Tim Freitag – Tip Toe

The project named TIM FREITAG is made up of quentet: Janick Pfenninger, Lorenzo Demenga, Daniel Gisler, Nicolas Rüttimann, and Severin Graf. And the Zurich based band, of deep lyrics and pop-alternative rock comes with the smoothness and bop that is radio friendly, ear-gasmic, and wholly deductive to our most wanting urges. With over 1.3 million Spotify plays so far, the band comes across with the kind of freshness and effervescence that not many can achieve without devaluing their brand, their music, their willingness for stardom. But these 5 do it with a swagger, without being overbearing to a certain degree. Of pop and rock n’ roll – the collection of attitudes never gets old.

Sam Florian – Lean

Tone and intuition are two things that SAM FLORIAN brings with his single ‘Lean’. “I wanted to write a rhythmic and upbeat song about a love interest that came out of nowhere. It was one of the last songs written for the album but it ended up being the lead track for the whole album. Combining dazy-glazy wall of silent notes, danceable and intrinsically gorgeous, Sam slips in the wink of confidence while the lover in you comes out of the cave and declares the day for making, constructing, an opportunity to gorge on love. The slight demeanor of this single camouflages the contented beast of intent and talent the artist has produced. Lo-fi times indie electronics, melt in this chocolate laden sweetness that flies in the face of pop and you love it quickly. The Karlstad, Sweden based artist added: “Elsa Carmona helped me write melodies for the verse and you can really hear her magic tone in there.” We sure can. Kudos.

Kit Major – Lost in My Head

KIT MAJOR has big plans. Major plans, if you wanna be smart. We feel like in a particular day or night, she is bursting with energy, due to the constant thought that she repeats in her head, over and over. And of course that thought is about how she wants the world to have a chance to hear her unique and nostalgic classic 90’s pop. Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Billie Eilish – the thump of conviction paints Kit to the Universe like she knows she wants to be. ‘Lost In My Head’ is the return to glorious, body moving electric pop that we’d been exposed to before. But now with the execution of Kit’s galactic attitude in her voice, the follow up to her debut single ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ is one hell of a ride. The quite exciting offering is a tune you want on your next car drive across the state. Kit would really want you to enjoy this connection.

Sidi – I Can’t Stay

Streams of consciousness is blinded by the aura of the steel clamps of a heart in love. Stay. Don’t stay. Leave. Cannot. Legs stiff as the trees in the forest, your heart in a bind of confused ligaments of knowledge – the overarching decadence of the animalistic notions for what love feels like, hits, with silence and devastation. You can’t clearly convert it into language. You can’t clearly convert it to communicate meaning of why it’s so. YOU JUST KNOW. That’s where the conclusions for contrast in pragmatism and basic human urges collide into shards of glass, exploding with disregard. This love will hurt you later on. But for now, all that doesn’t matter. We’ve all been there. SIDI sure has. This is a fabulous pop tune, layered in experience and meaning. Beautiful in its wholeness.


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