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Drinker – Sinking Feeling

A duet project by two producers, Drinker and their song Sinking Feeling is a melancholic dream wave, travel ticket to the sub-sonic place – a place we wanted to, but didn’t know how.

The whole song is a semi-trippie definition which Drinker aims to portray. It isn’t the first, but always the 70’s type of vocal demonstration and the synth back notes just get to us. In a weird way, we don’t want the song to wash over us. But it does. The water pressure isn’t quite full, but the gentle rain fall setting is just a great addition to the song shuffle.

We miss the relationship that this song is portraying. Fiction or derived from some part of non-fiction, the request to the fond partner in life is a quaint exercise of last resort. The love that is slipping away, or maybe the love that is solid but with a legal asterisk – a duty bound sign post which states bullet points in restrictions.

Sorry, our minds wandered.

Anywho, love the song portrayal. Check it.



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