Drive On ‘How to Make a Monster’ : Drives home a point in what we really can be.

Drive On / Illustration: @_mr.davey_

“If panic were personified with teeth and eyes, this is how it would sound, while still maintaining a groove and catchy melodies.”

Drive On’s ‘How to Make a Monster’ is a self reflective tool, if you can think about it in that way. A religiously adamant – self invoking attitude, wills a gnostic reveal unto a self rhetorical vision.

A look into a hollow view, of man versus man; a countance in rebellious grit – ‘How to Make a Monster’ drives home a point in what we really can be.

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John Hughes. Now Streaming. Link in Bio. Writing a love song has always felt like standard marching orders in this business. Love songs are great. Breakup songs are great but I’ve always wanted to write something that sits in the middle where actual love exists. This song is the best way I know how to communicate this. Love is a verb. It's not a warm feeling. It's messy. It's hard. But it's so worth it. This is about someone that watched too many episodes of Saved by the Bell, and too many John Hughes movies. It's about worshipping a love that doesn't actually exist. A "love" that isn't really love at all. So cheers to real love. Love that is hard. Love that takes work. Love that is truly.

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