Drooligan ‘Boyfriend’ : Antiquated expectations on relationships of the previous generation.


York, UK based Drooligan’s latest offering might appear on the surface as an upbeat ode to being single — however, dig below the caramelized coating and you’ll find a grief laden farewell to a departed father and the frustrations of not living up to antiquated expectations on relationships of the previous generation.

Hannah Bungard said of the song that it’s about “a woman remembering the last time she saw her dad before he died. It’s full of grief but also anger for him holding her up to these toxic and outdated set of beliefs and expectations in regards to relationships. I think there’s this insidious idea that being single is inferior to being in a relationship — like it’s your reward for being a decent human. I think she’s singing this to her father — but also to anyone who’s ever had the question, ‘why don’t you have a boyfriend?’ Regardless of what gender or sexual orientation you are.”


Can relate. And we all should, as it’ll be you.



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