Dropping Ugly ‘Going Going Gone’ : Gives life the heave-ho and tells it “what else ya got?!”

Dropping Ugly

“Outwardly indifferent, yet inwardly obsessive, it’s my homage to a past love that, at the time, I thought would end in marriage, and not like an episode of Seinfeld.”

Dropping Ugly is a chorus of bells that chime at the sometimes irony of life. Its aim is to be an uplifting mechanism to defend against unfairness and inequities. Small or large, the squad of Dropping Ugly, delivers the sense that maybe – just maybe – the world can re-balance again.

Simon added: “After getting abruptly dumped by my then girlfriend at the Newark, NJ airport before a dream vacation to Paris, I felt the immediate desire to do two things: drink with strangers at the airport bar, and plot how I was going to write the ultimate breakup song. Not long after, ‘Going Going Gone’ was written.”

Dropping Ugly is Simon, Leah and Abbey. Their indie-folk tinged Americana rock, gives life the heave-ho and tells it “what else ya got?!”

That’s how they roll.

Let’s reminisce and relate with this goodness.


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