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DSTRY – Fleeting” (Music Video)

Austin, Texas originating, DSTRY, is the project of Dylan Storey. And just like his surname, his life is about telling stories, in the medium that he’s always desired. That medium of course is music, and in ‘Fleeting’ (the title track from his 4 song EP), Dylan’s extraordinary fulfillment to the lyrics and build of his song, is quite a sight to behold. Using analog synths and sequencers, DSTRY creates lush, dreamy landscapes, and pairs it with home-made percussion samples. The result is a juxtaposition of electronic and organic elements that provide the backdrop for melancholic (sometimes robotic) vocal melodies. Attention to detail is at the heart of his works. Burgeoning with vivid tones, made to tell the emotional impact of a character, ‘Fleeting’ successfully brings all of the necessary points of what a song could deliberate. Like a real life documentary, Dylan’s works are both amenities to the big picture; and as well as the main course entree. It works both in cool and hot environments of heated debates and personality fissures. Never looking at life as just one plane of existence, but of multiple interpretations, confusing and enlightening.

Eldren – Oh, wait

Made of Tyler Imbrogno, Nasir Malik, Josh Lee, and Mason Shelmire, ‘Oh, Wait’ is another dreamy indie offering that seeps into the crevasses of your skin, giving new life to a hard-life’s work. It is a moody tune with a driving groove which makes for the perfect melancholy singalong. And as the Holiday season has nearly approached, who doesn’t need such warmth in their music rotation, right? The Denver based rock group, shells out invitations via their songs, and embraces all who dare to love their neighbors and fellow human beings. Well, at least that’s what we get from their fervent psychedelia vibes. The boppin’ grooves never lie, and as you and we know, when there’s a good thing like Eldren living and producing great music, you must let it through your door, at once. So, let’s. See them next @ The Oriental Theater, Denver on December 31st.

Charcoal Burners – The Verlaines and Husker Du

This majestic rock song really swings for the fences with an ambitious structure – verse, chorus, bridge, another bridge, chorus, coda. It is like a condensed symphony. It’s all about abandoning/being abandoned by your idols. Dunedin, New Zealand based Charcoal Burners in 2019 is shaping up to be Charcoal Burners’ year, with the twin albums ‘The Best Day You Could Imagine’ and ‘Orders From the House’. This single ‘The Verlaines and Husker Du’ is one of the example of understated rock that rap, rap, raps at your doors of what indie music could be. And this project’s soul and heart, headed by Andrew Spittle, is a beautifully captivating and artistic endeavor, mixing piano works that are reminiscent of Keane; of which exudes confidence of 90’s vibin’ indie rock, while telling stories of heart and ache. The rhythmic and cinematic rendition, casts an overflow of urgency and desperation. Just like how we’d feel when we are on a course for something great to happen in our lives. Love, lust, ambitions, power, hero worship – human urges that some then go, fleeting and exhilarating at genesis. Things change. But the scars might remain.

Horace Holloway – King Of Diamonds (feat. Fleurie)

Horace Holloway, the musical moniker of singer/songwriter Jeffery Morrison, pulls inspiration for his songs from his own experiences as a way to make sense of the cards one is dealt. ‘Tin Foil Stars’, the new alt-country folk pop EP weaves together stories of love and finding one’s place in the world with unforgettable melodies to create a whimsical, and at times dark, journey. The Tallahassee, Florida based artist’s knack of hitting all the points on his song, is a given. Entertaining swaths of different demographics is what he does, naturally, with vigorous energy and honest story telling. Produced by Joe Rodriguez (A Flock Of Seagulls), “King of Diamonds” is a sun scorched, lo-fi leaning, country tinged indie pop / folk song with feature vocals from FLEURIE, who’s currently averaging 700k monthly listeners on Spotify and has had songs featured in multiple TV shows including ‘Pretty Little Liars’, ‘Shadowhunters’, ‘Reign’, ‘The Originals’ and even a Superbowl commercial for the final season of the show ’24’.

LANNDS – if ur scrolling thru tumblr

“‘If UR Scrolling Through Tumblr’ is about my first relationship I had with another girl. During the last few weeks together I pondered on a few situations I knew would eventually make or break the relationship. I decided to stay in the dark for the entirety of the relationship and I wondered if things were different, could it have saved the relationship or nothing in the end. The relationship is obviously over..” LANNDS is the driving effort of Rania Woodard. With collaborative partnership with producer/songwriter Brian Squillace, the ensuing decadence oozes off of the vocals of Rania and coats you sensibilities of mind an body. Guilt ridden and soul searching, the protagonist of this single, looks back with solace and, for the moment, hesitant of moving into the nearby horizon. That break will happen soon. But for now, the day becomes another, and nothing will change for the time being. A heart that has lost something possibly special – with untold regret and trepidation – deserves that space to heal. Look for more from the duo. Rania added: “Every relationship you have whether it’s a relationship with your friends, your mother, partner or yourself, you have to realize everyone is different and a teacher and you are growing from each experience. Huge thank you to Brian for just accepting this and also bringing our project to life. I am beyond grateful for you. I was really scared for a long time but really excited and ready to share this with you. Hopefully it helps someone.”


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