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Ducks! // Mwahaha // OK Button // Edwin Organ // Ministry of Mars

Ducks! – Delivery

You all know the candy Pop-Rocks? You know. The candy that when you put it in your mouth, it snaps, crackles, and pops like some chemistry experiment that tasted cool? DUCKS!’s single ‘Delivery’ is of that nature – fun sonic journey that never quits and always has you dancing. Though the dancing can be odd and unconventional, you go on and keep on kicking up a storm. That’s what the duo of Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan does to their fans and listeners. And since 2016 when they debuted with album ‘Ding Ding Ding’, the Berlin based Australians know just how to push your party button. Celebration is this song. And it ‘delivers’ like it’s going out of fashion. So, are you in? Let’s par-tay!

Mwahaha – Autumn

Oakland based MWAHAHA’s signature is of new-wave meets indie-rock. And highlighted like no one’s business is their single ‘Autumn’. The summer is here, but we shouldn’t forget about what icy winter was like. For when you cry out that it’s too hot, appreciation for the 4 seasons should be mandatory. “What is CHF talking about”, you ask. Who knows. But don’t you love how MWAHAHA’s jammin’ with this single? “CHF, you’re deflecting from the task at hand”, you command. In any case, don’t mind us. We’re weird. But one thing that’s not weird is the charm that MWAHAHA exudes with this single. Warm and hesitant in its sentiments the single continues the goodness that band brings. And while CHF talks about something else, your auditory senses dig the buttery vibes of ‘Autumn’. Just like life, things happen in conjunction to your original plans. MWAHAHA’s upcoming new album ‘Lovers’ (Sept 6th) will be the perfect accompaniment to your journey. CHF doesn’t make sense, but MWAHAHA certainly does. Word.

OK Button – Verso

Amber Wilson, Nass Donald and Adam Falkner make up the outfit named OK BUTTON. The Scotland originating band is a shimmering flake of gold, fluttering with the winds of life and its flowing accoutrerment. ‘Verso’ comes with the cherry vocals of Amber, glint with optimism and opportunities. From there the flight of the musical raptor, flies into the skies of sweeping strings and lyrical poetry. The dainty dance of celebratory acumen, power our cause. A cause for delightful music, and charming endeavors. That’s what OK BUTTON brings in ‘Verso’. Amber expanded: “On a deeper level, when you’re so close to someone and connected by love – you can feel them, their authentic essence, that warmth, even when they’re not there.” Right on. See them next at Tunnels in Aberdeen July 27th.

Edwin Organ – Gabriel

EDWIN ORGAN’s diabolically smooth and emphatic electronic entree, ‘Gabriel’ is a summation of all things, with a pinpoint in love, lust, power, and the unrecognized. “I found myself looking back on this collection of songs and realising they were all centered around the strange interactions I’ve had in male dominated environments,” said Edwin. “Looking inward isn’t something I’ve had to do before, and I certainly liked to brush off the serious shit with humour, but after a tumultuous few years for me personally, I took the opportunity to dive into what I was neglecting.” Sometimes we just don’t want to deal with it all. It gets hard. It gets harder to even maintain that sanity you’d shielded for so long. But it’s time to work on you. Your weaknesses. Your strengths. Some raw evaluation is needed. But as Edwin infers, it is just a temporary scar. Once done, it’s a certain level of freedom. Let’s start, with us.

Ministry of Mars – Day ‘N’ Night (feat. Jad Lagoon)

Featuring Australian rapper Jad Lagoon, MINISTRY OF MARS keeps it legit with ‘Day ‘N’ Night’. Indie, pop, synth, r&b, cool – MINISTRY OF MARS is a brother duo consisting of Alistair and Jon. British-Australian grew up in Brisbane and with this latest project, they seek solo music success. With a continued fervor, the brothers debuted in 2018 with their single ‘Breaking Me and hasn’t looked back since. There’s no need. Future looks too bright to do so.


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