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DUETS AND STUFF Shares ‘Already Gone’. “We’re Not ‘Hopeless’ When DUET And STUFF Remains Hopeful.”

DUETS AND STUFF is a Swedish dream-pop duo which just blows our minds when we listen. Like with both ears, cupped with our hands at each lobe, we listen intently, lovingly, and without fail. Greta and Raimond, make up this duo project that has a proficiency for communicating valuable meanings of the heart, to the masses.

The minimalist approach set precedence by the band is glorious and just beautiful to dig into. It’s just like driving through a marshmallow cloud, reaching out of the window, grasping that goodness, and taking that first bite of seduction.

Greta’s vocals dignify and magnify the grandness of the minimalism, which constantly amplifies the intent of a lover, a thought, or a future yet unknown.

The duo opened up their public account with the release of their debut single ‘Serve Somebody’, then their second single ‘Hold On’ continued their trajectory.

‘Already Gone’ reminds us that there is a mask in every facet of our lives we either wished it was invisible, but ultimately needed to survive in a biological culture. Individual or within a group, we worry ourselves with petty squabbles and thoughts of remaining ‘relevance’.

But it’s not a worry. The fact of our worries and masks, determine the very fabric of our GOOD and of course, the BAD. The middle becomes us. And hence, we are INTERESTING.

The song is about ‘hopelessness’.

But we’re not ‘hopeless’ when DUET And Stuff remains hopeful.

Get into D&S. You’d be quite satisfied, you did.



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