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Duglo & Albemarle Shares ‘Scar’. “The palisades of desire, must be conquered.”

An unfinished and undigested feeling. An adamant rigor of push and pull. The tearing of nostalgia and the wills to promised ecstasy. The world can pick you apart, small bite by small bite. And while you bleed, you watch your bodily sense, hover adrift, within arm’s length, watching your enthusiasm to live – truly live – dissipate into the ethers of shadows.

DUGLO & ALBEMARLE’s ‘Scar’ seems to be plain to us, and in this desolation of a grand scheme, we also hover, within an arm’s length, depicting what the judgements from our inner being, will ultimately be.

The palisades of desire, must be conquered.

‘Scar’ is off of the new 5 song EP ‘Night Tempo’, available now.



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