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Dumaresq Releases ‘Hibernator’. The Desperate Screams…Bursting At The Seams.

Having something to say. Having a method to say them. That is what we hear and feel from Dumaresq’s single ‘Hibernator’ seems to convey to us. The long introduction, a low ‘hum’ of introspective ambient instrumentals, mixed on top of vocals that ‘cry out’ and ‘reach’ towards something that is so near, yet so far.

The build up in this single is brave of Dumaresq to do.

But the payoff is near. At the 4:25 mark, the rest of the band kicks in, with alt-pop-rock that takes you on a well deserved balloon ride, across the deserts, and across the oceans – departing to that place you grasped, but always slipped between your finger.

Listen to the presentation.

The journey isn’t all ‘buttercups’ and ‘smiles’, for at the end of the song, there’s something that might have gone awry. What has happened, doesn’t quite reveal themselves. But there was something that happened, and it’s not a happy moment.

The sultry mind of Dumaresq is evident in this piece, and shows much of what the artist within him, IS and WHAT it wants to do. The desperate screams of the message, is bursting at the seams.

Maybe we’ll get to see those delicious morsels of artistic light from him, as more and more as the season turn.

Looking forward to it.



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