Dumb Whales ‘The Great Divide’ : Let’s get closer before that imminence happens, shall we??

Dumb Whales

Indie rock goodness ‘The Great Divide’ comes from the uptempo effervescence of Dumb Whales.

This track is about “pressure and anxiety in the age of social media”, and with its call to arms, the underbelly reality of it all comes to fruition.

“We must become stronger, for the genie is out of the bottle where social media will rule.”

It’s true. But with that daunting realization, we must trudge on and live with/blossom with the future. We’ll all be interconnected in the most biological ways, as the decades to come.

But love is love.

Let’s get closer before that imminence happens, shall we??

Dumb Whales is Melbourne based and they wanna rock your socks off.

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Due to the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, all of our upcoming shows have been postponed until further notice. This is a sad but crucial step in gaining control over the escalating situation, but it means a lot of people in our society who already live week to week, and don’t necessarily have the benefit of working from home, will be hit hard. Now is as good a time as any (probably even better) to explore new music. Jump on @spotify or @youtube, and follow the rabbit hole…you may even discover your new favourite band! Streaming helps. Watching videos helps. Buying merchandise helps. That also applies to the amazing venues who support this industry more than anyone – most of them have T-shirts and other merch for sale online. We’re all in this together. And we all want there to be a scene to come back to when we all come out of hibernation. Self-isolation and social distancing can be daunting, and could potentially exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety around the crisis we find ourselves in. But we have the benefits of the Internet, and social media. So stay in touch. Reach out to one another. And wash your damn hands. See you soon Dumb Whales x

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