Dust In The Sunlight ‘Strangest Places’ : “Following your sense of adventure, even if you feel lost.”

Dust In The Sunlight / Photo: Magda Campagne Photography

“The idea behind Strangest Places came from quotes that we both used as mantras… Billy’s was ‘No matter where you go, here you are’, which was scrawled on a wall in his flat in Southend after a party. Annie’s was ‘You are your own home’, from a diary entry written years before. We realised these ideas worked in tandem with each other and they became the song’s chorus. It’s about following your sense of adventure, even if you feel lost. Learning to let go and find peace within yourself, without being tied to any particular place or time.”

Following on from the release of their debut single earlier this Spring, Dust In The Sunlight’s follow-up, ‘Strangest Places’, zooms our intellectual sense of romance into new heights.

Made up of duo, Billy Wright and Annie Rew Shaw, the outfit within 12 months of their formation, caught the attention and signed a record deal with the label Project Melody. Their self-titled debut single picked up support from BBC Introducing and Radio X and was proclaimed by CLASH to be “an assured debut, one steeped in a rich sense of emotion while paying acute attention to melody. Even the smallest detail is catered for, and we’re hearing shades of Elliot Smith running through Dust In The Sunlight’s gorgeous debut.”

Continuing their bold yet intimate aesthetic, this new offering sees the pair couple with a wistfully played piano alongside euphoric drums and brooding basslines, resulting in a truly warm and uplifting new release.


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