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DYAN Shares ‘Absence’. A Beautiful Absorption, Of Fateful Sensibilities.

DYAN’s single ‘Absence’ simply fragmented our being and with its indie-Americana hex, it dissolved and absorbed our fateful sensibilities to a pulp. Flattened to love, the things that lead us to believe we could not. Unshakable to the base of the mountain of doubt and mortified embers smoldering within – the axis of the single quakes our heart, our longings.

Many things have happened to the band in the travels through this world, but have come through at the end with added conviction to their music, and have become stronger. At the least they’d brought even more layers in their songs they offer for their fans to invest in and within.

Growth of self, and with the one’s they care about, is a common thread, encapsulated with Alexis’ dreamy and ethereal vocal presentation and the band’s haunting imagery through notes of sound imaginations.

“Absence is about leaving, but not before inquiring about doubt. It could be about being in love with a person whose loyalty is to someone or something else, realizing it, and then you move on. Or holding on to what you want to hold on to, even if it’s painful,” Alexis Marsh stated.

“But maybe you’re the person so sure of their belief in an idea, and you feel that splinter or crumble. There is freedom in finding the idea we have of ourselves has altered: I loved this person/thing, and now I may not; I was this person, and now I am not. My changing is not a tragedy. I just have to be ready, to be sure, and then to name it.”


The band is made up of Alexis Marsh, Sam Jones, and Dan Dorff Jr – lovers, ex-lovers, bandmates and friends. It’s a complicated (and interesting) arrangement that has been adding fuel to the fire that is DYAN. We hope that the fire keeps on continuing to burn and entertain us to the core.



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