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DYLAN AIELLO Shares Love Story Of All Of Our Hearts, ‘Better Life With Me’ (Video).

The winds of change was upon her. It was about time to go and move on. She wasn’t happy. She couldn’t sleep, eat, think. The disintegration of her latest relationship wasn’t transitioning well. The sorrows of her heart, had dripped down to the demands of her life, and it was hard to see where she could go for relief.

But it was just a matter of time, when the twinkle of her eyes returned to her. In the jungle, she thought she’d never get to the outside world again. Then one day, he came along. She saw him in a cool but comfortable Autumn day. She heard herself audibly, under her breath, shutter with surprise. With that, her heart recharged with hope and gathered again, the strength that she always was.

“Hi. Name’s James.”

“Hi. Name’s Nella.”

As they sat on the coffee shop communal seats, chatting, and getting to know each other, the world for Nella, was right again.

How grand.

DYLAN AIELLO’s latest single and accompanying video for ‘Better Life With Me’ brings this kind of emotional crescent, pushing us to imagination ourselves deep within such relative situation. It is a love story, in song, that touches the hardest hearts, then melts them with the tinge of sweetness we need. The bittersweetness of breakup with the crackle of finding love once more, are contrasts that make life worth living.

We can love again.

The pure and engaging single ‘Better Life With Me’ is a delight from note one to the last.

Dylan is based in Brooklyn, and his debut album ‘Letters’ is available now.



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