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DYLLAN // Matt Taylor // Gia Woods // Nick Wilson // Felix Cartal & Lights

DYLLAN – Walk Sideways

DYLLAN is Dylan Nichols. And she is a Los Angeles-born vocalist and producer. Beautiful vocals of DYLLAN is where things start and the angelic vibes kill off the demons of your mind. Quieting your inner voices, that have been distracting your days and nights, subside with no qualms. Like a fire extinguisher, DYLLAN’s combination of conscious lyrical hymns and vocals, aesthetically cleanse with intensity. The shining sounds of DYLLAN, is a glorious pillar for what we all should be feeling. Rich textures and innovative eccentricities, mark the difference between DYLLAN and so many others. Shouting, without shouting is where DYLLAN’s outputs claim, and we as listeners absorb like there’s no tomorrow. The honesty is decadent and quickly identified for capture. Her galaxy is where we’d want to be.

Matt Taylor – Volatile

Freedom is what DYLLAN espouses with ‘Walk Sideways’. The emblematic and driving single of synth and analog, is the call to the wild of you and your significant other. The lead track from MATT TAYLOR’s debut EP, the title track summarizes what Matt is all about: energetic, summery, pop, and anthemic, the song touches the vulnerabilities of modern relationships and continues his thrust in pop song writing. The fresh voice of Matt, clings on to the ribs of your soul, and it grabs on for dear life, as it reminds you how lucky you can be – and how lucky we all are to be alive in this ever-more complicated world. Things always have good and the bad. Balance is what we seek. Matt wants to add to that struggle for emotive justice.

Gia Woods – Feel It

When GIA WOODS breathes in her single ‘Feel It’. At that tail end of each chorus. Those hot breathes on your ears. Glorious they are. The 22 yearold Persian songstress can ‘provoke one moment’ and ‘comfort the next’. There are no rules for what she can do. Gia explained: “To me, this is one of those perfect moments where the sound of the song sounds like the feeling in the lyrics. It’s slinky and seductive. It sort of creeps up on you. You can dance to it, but it’s not aggressive. It’s sensual and fun—just like the beginning of a heavy crush.” It comes up as a barrier to the ‘nay-sayers’. But at the same time, ‘Feel It’ is a persona anthem of sorts that promises that good fight, where you will remember to be your own and never back down from your ideas. For truth will help you get to that place of satisfaction – over that horizon of your mind. GIA WOODS is your biggest fan. So, you should be your biggest fan too. If not, then who else? The energy pushed out by this sultry piece by Gia tells you what the talent can do with sounds. The textures ‘teased’ are as gorgeous as if the world depended on it. We think Gia’s great, and we think you should too.

Nick Wilson – Colour Me In

Emerging pop artist NICK WILSON kills it with charm in this lovingly crafted lyrical maze called ‘Colour Me In’. The pop tune filled with sparkling bubbles and unrequited volumes in love and loss, mesmerizes in tinted invocations. The solitude of licks, on top of story telling, delightfully harmonizes with the intrinsic causes found within. The beckoning causes, bleed with passion, as the protagonist’s desires quickly manifest into his own reality. Subtlety is where Nick’s writing is born, and when it blossoms, as it does here, it is magical to hear and witness. The self produced releases are Nick’s drive for salvation, and we all should be on that journey together. Pain is replaced quickly when the right love of a person comes along. You forget quickly how bad it really was. That’s the nature of us, humans, ain’t it?

Felix Cartal & Lights – Love Me (Music Video)

We fangirl FELIX CARTAL. We do the same with songstress LIGHTS. They mix and offer a song like ‘Love Me’ and we’re ‘there’. That’s why we featured them with their audio for this song. And that is why we’re featuring the accompanying music video, too. Canadian producer FELIX CARAL puts out. Well, a new single that is, and with singer/songwriter LIGHTS doing her thang, ‘Love Me’ is a scintillating addition to that activity we all endeavor, every day. Felix stated: “The thing that made this collaboration so special is that we’re literally the only two people involved in this song. I wrote an instrumental, Lights wrote an initial lyric idea, we refined the chorus and arrangement together, then she tracked her vocals herself and I did all the production myself. It’s just us two creating every single piece of this song. A true collab. I love how it turned out.” We love this collab. We love LIGHTS’ vocals. How can you not?!?


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