Dyllan Shares ‘One of Us’. “Extraterrestrial incision for the unrevealingly dire.”


DYLLAN is Dylan Nichols. And the Los Angeles’ based artist brings us a tantalizingly decadent, and forbidding message of and for meaning in this microcosm infinitum. ‘One Of Us’ is a looping pastel juggernaut of beautiful vocals, tight production, and extraterrestrial incision for the unrevealingly dire.

The darkness hides in the folds of the song,as Dylan’s succulent pop vocals, guide you to the doom of your own making.

And you don’t care.

Dylan absorbed styles from collaborators of many different instruments and philosophies, uniquely positioning her energies, in the promise that one day her own unique style will amplify.

‘One Of Us’ is that…And then some.

Like the radiation of the sun, the powers of the subtle and understated hue of ‘One Of Us’ propel and frame DYLLAN’s vocals to absolution.

Intimate, but worldly.

Defiant, but beautiful.

Rich, but in sharp clarity.




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