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Dysplay Shares ‘Hey Charli’. “Talk Sweet Nothings.”

We feel frisky at times. You know. We’re human beings, after all. And sometimes we want to caress the significant other we have and dance…slow…talk sweet nothings to her while kissing her ear lobe. And that’s what we feel when DYSPLAY’s ‘Hey Charli’ is on.

We’re all adults right?

It’s a single that is nothing about love, but it’s so very much sexy. Yes. Sexy. It’s the creamy synth with the pop vocals, highlighted with following your fingers up and down her undulating silhouette.

Can we take what we get from a particular single?

Heck yes.

And in ‘Hey Charli’ we take it as that fabulous moment in time, with her, with him…

Anywho, we love this kind of jam, and this single, in particular – no matter what the actual meaning of the song is and supposed to be (FYI: it’s actually about ‘deception’).



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