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DYVN Shares ‘Girl (feat. Piqi Miqi)’. “Chill. Caress. Kiss. Dig.”

DYVN (dive-in) is divine on ‘Girl’, with the exorbitantly delightful chill vocals of Piqi Miqi, delicately massaging the words, this hit of a production makes your feelz just ‘go’.

David Nilles is DYVN, and with this particular offering, he paints a wide-world of color pallets, hues, and jazzes it up a bit to flirt with ideas and concepts of emotions. Mellow r&b, and bedroom-pop aesthetics, hug your senses, while powerful weavings of decadence, wrangle your hurried heart, into a gentle and calm pitter-patter.

The artist stated: “‘Girl’ is the love child of two guys who became friends over Instagram.” And that “When Piqi Miqi came to Berlin we hadn’t even figured out what kinda song we want to write. All we knew was that we both had a passion for funky synth music and bad sitcoms. But when we met each other, magic happened and the song basically wrote itself overnight”.

David added: “This has been my first big project as a producer with a singer involved. I am more than excited to finally release this baby tomorrow and i can’t for you all to hear it.”

There’s only one string of thing to do with ‘Girl’.








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