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DYVR’s Single ‘Shameful’: Regrets Are Erased, Then Re-Patriated. Memories Unencumbered.

DYVR brings us ‘Shameful’. The single that brings the light upon the darkness; the light upon the dimmed out corner of our hearts.

The minimalist electronica artist from London, successfully parallels with his single ‘Shameful’ the thoughts of retrospect, excitement, contrasts, and regrets, we can feel from a day-to-day or lifetim-to-lifetime burden.

“while I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a household that didn’t necessarily endorse idea, I have been a person who allowed gender norms to affect the relationships I had around me. There were many points that I felt adrift and I still feel like I’m learning to be honest with myself about my sexuality and how my negative view of being male has led to behaviours that are damaging. When you believe that being a man by default means that you act poorly, that is your reality. You justify your actions within that reality. You hurt people. I want to work harder to be a constantly evolving and complex person. We are all so many things. We can all choose how to define ourselves”.

The ethereal vocals of DYVR makes it the hallmark of this haunting badge to our psyches, as it traverses from lobe to lobe, reinvigorating the likeness of an existence – both relished and loathed. The mesmerizing chant drips with sheerness and mystery.

Look out for more from DYVR.



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