E.Z. Shakes ‘Making Mistakes’ : A visceral acceptance of what has been, ultimately alienates the unchangeable.

E.Z. Shakes

E.Z. Shakes is getting ready to release the new album, ‘The Spirit’ October 9th. And in ‘Making Mistakes’, a visceral acceptance of what has been, ultimately alienates the unchangeable, but energizes the opportunities of the coming future.

Zach Seibert (vocals, guitar) is E.Z. Shakes, and he grew up in small-town Illinois, and was raised on the sounds of heartland rock & roll, hard-hitting punk, and old-school country/gospel music. His parents were hippie Christians who bounced from church to church, searching for a congregation that suited their family’s countercultural ideals. The experience left a mark on Seibert, who developed an appetite for diversity — in art, life, faith, and beyond — that he’d later put to use as E.Z. Shakes’ raspy-voiced, genre-defying, storytelling frontman.

At its heart, though, ‘The Spirit’ is an album that creates its own geography, swirling together a musical map of holy-roller Bible Belt storytelling, heartland hooks, big-city bombast, and southern roots music.


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