earth moon transit ‘Boring Songs for Boring Days’ : A mind and body, soon grips enticingly.

earth moon transit

earth moon transit is a five-piece collective from Trondheim, Norway. Since their debut at Trondheim Calling in 2019, they’ve shared the stage with artists like Hilma Nikolaisen, Hey Gloria, Mall Girl and Kongle, and the likes of Line of Best Fit have praised their “frenetic, vital live energy”.

Written during isolation, ‘Boring Songs for Boring Days’ captures the existential thoughts that many encounter when dealing with boredom, or when you realize that everyone around you is “growing up”.

It’s a song of delicate balance and soon-to-explode emotional vandalism. A mind and body, soon grips enticingly, as the stroll of the percussions and rhythmic vibes, sooth away the pain.

earth moon transit consists of: Ole Jørgen Kristensen, Arne Bredesen, Nicolas Leirtrø, Joakim Rainer Petersen and Trym Karlsen.

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