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Eartheater Announces New Album ‘IRISIRI’. Out June 8. A Precipice To Die For. Purification Scorn.

The Galactic Overlords presided at the climactic summit of the planet’s designated leadership. The scene was set for a diabolical scam of Universal proportions. What was at stake was each and every life, from child to adult, to the weak to the strong – the die was cast.

Eartheater’s new album ‘IRISIRI’ will drag you to another wilderness of hope, victories, loss, and utter inner vacancies on June 8th.

Eartheater is Queens, NYC basd artist Alexandra Drewchin. She’s yay tall, and has a voice of a banshee – amplified and never diluted by the new single ‘C.L.I.T’. It’s frame of bone chilling masquerade of blood drying gun silencer. Twisting, turning, morphing right in front of your eyes. The face changes, the arms maneuver, the legs hover, the eyes quiver – maximizing the taunts and malcontent selfishness we hide in almost all facet of our little lives.

“Welcome to our planet, Galactic Overlords. We’d been waiting for you.”

“It is the wish of the world’s council that we, as humans, let go of this ball of earth and water, to its new benefactors.”

“We are at your whim, and peril.”

Eartheater surrounds herself with the bullets of honesty, and pandemic hurdles of sacrificial rights – deadly themselves, un-recognizable in the crowd.

And from what ‘C.L.I.T’ seems to indicate of the upcoming album, the artist, the musician, the philosopher of what we weak humans can be – Eartheater’s ‘IRISIRI’ should be a mountain of an output.

‘IRISIRI’ will be her third full album to date.

Her reticent habits of portraying distinct imagery and allusions in her lyrical works, will undoubtedly please.

It sure did us.

Heck yea.

Eartheater will be debuting six new compositions not on IRISIRI for the contemporary classical orchestra Alarm Will Sound on May 9th in St. Louis. [Details]

She’s rep’ed by PAN, in Berlin.

Buy [HERE]


Eartheater – IRISIRI Tracks:
1. Peripheral
2. Inclined
3. Not Worried
4. Inkling
6. Inhale Baby (ft. Odwalla1221)
7. Curtains
8. Slyly Child
9. Switch
10. Trespasses
11. MMXXX (ft. Moor Mother)
12. C.L.I.T.
13. OS In Vitro


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