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East Of My Youth // Allan Rayman // Lauren Ruth Ward // SIMm514 // The Feel Good Project

East Of My Youth – By Blue

Herdís Stefánsdóttir and Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir are EAST OF MY YOUTH. And the Reykjavík, Iceland based duo spans across Europe with their expanding pop sensibilities, dotted about with synth laced effervesce, and deliciously douse their every note with lyrics from another planet. The band stated: “By Blue started as a jam session in the studio, so we didn’t release it’s potential at the time and packed it safely into a drawer of forgotten things. When we revisited the song the whole meaning came through in a new and interesting way. We were going through changes in life and our project, so the song went through a metamorphosis and became something new and unknown to us.” As the duo embraced the changes, planned and unplanned, they embraced the oddity of the circumstances and entered into a personal pact to express it in their musical ways. The depth of their subject line cleanses with a beautiful sweeping of the vacant plains of truth; or at least the truths of love and the possible pains that come with the package. Life marches on. Herdis and Thelma knows this. Let’s travel with their goodness.

Allan Rayman – Poison

ALLAN RAYMAN stated: “I really forgot about the song. I had made it with the intention of it being part of Harry Hard On, and I guess I just overlooked it. I rediscovered it and I love the song so here we are.” Allan packs ’em in with his love of his craft, and his perpetual love for what it does to him and his audience. Guess, that’s why the popular singer/songwriter resonates so well through his studio and live sessions. ‘Poison’ is one of his songs that just is a truculent reminder for what life can be, at a certain time of day, hour, minute. The Universe is built for that kind of musing, and the talented Allan exploit the qualms of this space, to maximal exercise in Earthly communication. His currently on-going tour across North America (named ‘The Allan Rayman Show’) keeps him busy, and at the same time, recharging his gargantuan battery of talent, for all of us to hear once more. See him next at Louis’ in Saskatoon Canada on May 29th.

Lauren Ruth Ward – We Are Grown Ups

We’d called LAUREN RUTH WARD as an artist who: “makes the interesting, even more interesting” in a past review. With her shimmering but raspy vocals, hanging around the delectable pop-attentions of the song, ‘We Are Grown Ups’ is the pop song that you’d never thought to like, but do. It’s the charisma that oozes off of the notes, through your speaks, then into your ear holes that captivates. It’s Lauren’s conviction for her life and her work that keeps you tied. “I’m always game to hear someone else’s reality, share mine, and find a common ground but life ain’t always peaches and cream,” stated Lauren. “I believe life is also more beautiful when you watch what you say but this song is me saying “fuck it, don’t care, you win, have a great life.” Carless, immature, spiteful, a cathartic middle finger to the moments I’ve grinned and beard.” Whoa. That’s what we were going to say about her! She’s on point. And ‘We Are Grown Ups’ continues that trend.

SIMm514 – Disco Boule

Funky fun is what SIMm514 is all about. In this offering, ‘Disco Boule’, the French language is used to perfect effect, as the Montreal Canada based band conjures up memories of special events that occurred in our lives. First crus, first prom, first date, first love – all culminate in the repository of thoughts and opinions of this fun single. From the band they said the ‘Disco Boule’ is all about: “The ‘main’ street, some delightful greasy chicken wings and an everlasting evening..” And we sure do agree. Whatever the subject of this song, it really doesn’t matter for our non-French ears. It is that timely dance moves that surges out of our un-talented dancing bodies that matter most. If a song makes us get up from our work desks and shimmy – you have a winner. Let’s all keep dancing!

The Feel Good Project – When I Think Of You

“Get the f*ck out of here.” That is a phrase that we thought of when we first listened to THE FEEL GOOD PROJECT’s single ‘When I Think Of You’. Why? Can’t put a definite finger on it, but the way the song blends classic indie-rock chord progressions into the shiny love lyrics, took us on a small adventure. As the song travels from a love ballad into a hard-rock guitar solo, it does complete that notion of a heart-ache, a heart-break, a tantric part of living and living as a human being. A thought of what we as humans endure, for the sake of what feels important to us and our effected immediate friends, family, our space of existence. Well, there it is. Guess we were approached by this vibe, and our reaction was of pleasant surprise. A grand and every lasting surprise, with which we summarize into the folds of this sometimes empty-feeling world, having now the chance to fill it with that thing that matters so much. Or something that could be. ‘When I Think Of You’ brings that feel.


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