East Row Rabble Shares ‘Good For Me’.

Jambalaya anyone? We were hungry by the end of this song. For love, for affection, and for actual food. Why? Because we’re kinda ‘h-angry’ when hungry, like ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’. We’re not saying we’re a bunch of chubby people, but we could eat and surely exercise more.

But that’s beside the point.

Why mention our state of bodily metabolism? Well, it’s a good segue way into why we do, what we do as human beings. We’re animals when we sometimes talk and walk about ‘love’. It’s a messy situation, in many cases. It’s a situation where 2 persons try to build something significant together. Lots of many little things must align, when each has known the world in a certain way for many years, through life’s experiences and lessons.

Compromises must be made on both sides.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes, not.

And when it’s not, then we get ‘h-angry’.

Guess that was the purpose of this post. And that when in situations like this, we listen to songs like ‘Good For Me’ from ERR.

Yea, we’re weird that way.




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