Easy Honey ‘Body Language’ : Wisdom of Spring morning, the gang in Easy Honey makes your day.

Easy Honey

Something so very familiar and comforting when, Easy Honey, comes to town. Or in this case, inside your reverberating ear nerve endings. The supple story telling, lyrical choices, and the undeniable and glutenous sweetness of ‘Body Language’ takes you back, and reminds you of the good times.

Wherever that had conspired.

‘Body Language’ is the story of a hurricane evacuation, where a group of friends packed up the essentials and left everything behind. Musically and lyrically, the song is an allegory for the indiscriminate and destructive nature of love. A dueling guitar hook foreshadows a pulsating, rhythmic verse and a touchy, melodic chorus featuring powerful backup vocals.

This is the third single off of Easy Honey’s upcoming double EP ‘Maritime Love Affair’.

With the ease of Weezer and ambidextrous wisdom of Spring morning, the gang in Easy Honey makes your day.


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