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Eat More Cake // Bendik HK // Reigen // KellyMarie // Haley Flake

Eat More Cake – Bang Bang Bang (feat. River)

EAT MORE CAKE is (no pun intended), just pure deliciousness. The talent of the sizzling lyrics on top of beautiful synth and digital ecstasy, intends to get you engaged and succeeds like there’s no tomorrow. From the lovely chorus and fantasies describing vocals, capture our hearts. The accomplished DJs make this endeavor a beautiful venture in soundscape construction. Dance, chill, hiphop – the band makes it happen to your delight.

Bendik HK – Black Dino

“All of this inspired me to make “Depot”, which I think represent some kind of a journey in this museum; it is fast, slow, contemporary and old. A friction between open soundscapes and cluster tonality. Everything collected in a depot.” BENDIK HK willingness to go far into the reaches of the cosmos in ‘Black Dino’ is chill to the max and never hinders your appetite for ultimate cerebral destruction. Techno, house, ambient, the artist’s progressive production value ravanously raptures the undulations of our fantasies. Bendik HK is Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg, and he’s here to entertain your senses.

Reigen – Rollin (Head Rush Remix)

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter REIGEN produces light and airy pop delights draped in electro drizzles and signature vocals. The ‘heavenly’ vocals is gorgeous to the our sensibilities, calming our nerves and moving our bodies. Laid back but intense, the relativity in ‘Rollin’ gazes into your subservient vestiges, and brings forth a new skinned, you. Lovely song, lovely sentiments.

KellyMarie – Upside Down

Falling in love can be a discombobulating experience. The secret sauce for the successful road to bliss, is hard. Drifting in the world of nonchalance, we keep to our faith that our destiny is to find that perfect person. It doesn’t happen. Curiosity ensues. Disappointment oozes. And we almost give up. ‘Upside Down’ reminds us of that moment of truth, when our loyalties are mistrusted and never reciprocated. Or do we just need to be more patient. KellyMarie is a songwriter based out of Dallas, and ‘Upside Down’ keeps in the momentum of her debut Ep ‘On A Whim’, with refreshing takes on love, loss, and emotional hurdles. KellyMarie’s voice is a unique and intrepid venture for the ears.

Haley Flake – Whistle

19 year old HALEY FLAKE hails from New Jersey. As we heard ‘Whistle’, to our surprise the intrinsic uniqueness of Haley’s vocal habits just got to us. With warm tones, bronzed over the notes of the digital pop attitude, ‘Whistle’ keeps the quotient at maximal consistency and acceleration. It gets to you. And doesn’t seem to let go. We’re scratching our heads why we dig this single, but does it really matter? It just does. ‘Whistle’ is off of her upcoming EP ‘Moonshild’. Let’s see where her music takes her from here.


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