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Eauclaire Shares Single ‘Ocean Floor’ Off Of Newly Dropped Album ‘Océan Bleu’.

EAUCLAIRE was formed by 4 college friends in 2011. And at long last, we get to hear their decadent wash of sounds by way of their dropped debut album ‘Océan Bleu’.

We’d said of the band: “In such uncertainty and adventure, nothing can truly be certain – the outcome is unknown – and the excitement of the dream takes over.” The depth is deep as the oceans. The sentiments, as vibrant as the blue tropical skies.”

‘Ocean Floor’ is the metaphoric thrust for the hybrid single. Combining concept and the ever present challenge of love, loss, confusion for the living soul within all of us, EAUCLAIRE, itself, challenges the underpinnings for another chance at redemption.

But that trigger – that instance of inspiration – must be from within.

EAUCLAIRE has confidence we all can.

Patience, thought, acceptance, allowance – all are cornerstones to recovery, and maybe willingness to thrive, once more.



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