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Eauclaire – Nothing is Certain

EAUCLAIRE was formed by 4 college friends in 2011. And at long last, we get to hear their decadent wash of sounds by way of their upcoming debut album ‘Océan Bleu’ this summer. The band states “The concept is a story of darkness and beauty, of struggle and strength, of brokenness and love, found in the waves, in the ocean, in our lives.” And from that notion of contrasts, the project lingers at the pallet of this world, for all of us to touch and to linger with its atmospheric promises. “The song was written on a beach in Mexico where the idea for “Océan Bleu” was born,” added the band. “In an attempt to capture the beauty and chaos of a moment spent staring into the ocean, “Nothing is Certain” is the point of no return, if you will, on the voyage that we call the human condition. In such uncertainty and adventure, nothing can truly be certain – the outcome is unknown – and the excitement of the dream takes over.” The depth is deep as the oceans. The sentiments, as vibrant as the blue tropical skies. Get to know Eauclaire.

The Engine Above – System Paradigm

Alt/Prog rock band THE ENGINE ABOVE hits above their belt with ‘System Paradigm’. The anthemic, stadium friendly rock single is as bold as the rising sun, as bright and shimmering as the enthused and inspired soul, and as driving with its message of empowerment as the Universe is wide. With the best of traditions from 70’s and 80’s rock of the North Americas, THE ENGINE ABOVE gives off the kind of valiant heft excellence – lyrically and in arrangement. Off of their new EP ‘Savage Fingers’ the band continues their story telling as they’d started in their EP ‘Pilot’. “It will be the second piece of a puzzle to a much greater picture of a nautical world. With the introduction of new story elements, the music has also reflected that expansion.” Vision, art, rock allusions – all combine to make what this prodigious and gainful project what it is. The thoughtful music, comes through in spades.

Desert Magic – A Restless Wind

As the lyrics go: “I drift like the waves of the sea…Like a restless wind…Without direction…” And in that swooping statement of relevance and poignancy, DESERT MAGIC’s singular cause for musical preponderance shine with exclaimed palpability. The Los Angeles band/collective interprets “the cosmos, nature, and the Tao Te Ching” and with that aim, they synchronize the mental capacity for a promise for the better; an assurance for getting to that level of compliance with the Universe. And that is exactly why DESERT MAGIC resonates with glee. Our glee. Our smiles and un-intrusively reckless warmth for our own lives. In 2015, they released their debut album. In 2018, they released “an interactive solar system sonification app for iOS, Mac, and Android”. The band is made up of Alex Wand, Logan Hone, Steven Van Betten, Luke Williams. And the quartet offers further disruption to your status quo with the upcoming new album. They’ve performed at venues like the Satellite, The LA Arboretum, Radius Gallery, and at their music deep listening workshops at Yogala in Echo Park. Watch out.

Robert Laser – Soright

Lucas del Calvo is the one behind the project ROBERT. ‘Soright’ is a serving of delicious synth and bedroom-pop sensibilities that call and beckon for all that is offered up by Lucas. You want to cry with yourself and alone with this single. You want to go scream at the top of your lungs with this song. You want to dance, a lonely dance, at the local VFW because you deserve the solitude. You want to embrace this single as it pertains so close to your own doubts and misgivings about the life that exists. In sum, ‘Soright’ is a culmination of thoughts and feelings that touch in the granular, as the Lucas’ angsty and compulsory relevance voice out of his words and vocal expression. The musician from age four, the Jazz guitar trained artist makes the act of ‘wanting’ a derivable trait. As his career continues to find new ground, Lucas expands with songs like ‘Soright’ with beautiful methods of sonic rewards. We are ‘in’.

Jouska – Titanics

JOUSKA is an Oslo (Norway) based electro music duo and time and time again, comes through with music that just gives us another way of enjoying the world we occupy. The talented duo entered the Norwegian music scene with their debut EP ‘Frog Fictin’ in 2018, and ever since they have added and enhanced the musical Universe with pertinent and exciting innovations in expression. We’d called the band: “The sparkly vocals and the clean after-taste of the digital markings, make JOUSKA your station for an innovative sonic presentation” in our previous encounter with the project. And our opinions have not changed an iota. The sparkle is subdued by design, but amply available and accessible with ‘Titanics’. The single marks their 3rd single from their upcoming new album. The story of the ‘euphoric’ visions from an ‘unhealthy’ relationship is told through the vibes of this single and it processes with intense attention and empathy. ‘Titanic’ is about that ‘sinking’ feeling, but like life, happiness and joy, always come with an extra vigor of confusion and unsteadiness. JOUSKA just wants all of us to know that it’s okay to just ‘get on’ with it. You’ll survive. You’ll thrive.


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