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Echo Courts Shares ‘Room With a View’. Let’s Take A Deep Breath.

Previously we’d reviewed their single ‘Take Away’ about a month ago and stated: “The fluid and ‘un-refined’ unique vocals and the arrangement of the presentation, takes us back to a certain memory in our heads. The single, in essence, pushed a button, and we at CHF dig it when songs ‘push memorial buttons’ – for ill, or not.”

Today we come to this review of ‘Room With A View’ the title track. The album will drop July 13th.

“Room With A View is a necessary step forward,” guitarist Kelly Fahey explains. “The album’s title says it all. The songs come from a refreshed perspective.”

Bands evolve, just like ‘tastes’, ‘styles’, ‘attitudes’. And in many cases, the changes are for the good of all.

In ECHO COURTS’ case, it’s the delicate Americana sprinkles within the songs that are captivating to us here at CHF. The supple guitar work, and the highlighted lyrics, helps us to take a deep breath.

Yes. That crisp and clear mountain air – of our minds, of our hearts – stretching those unused muscles of our souls for the day ahead.



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