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Echo Courts Shares ‘Take Away’. Tangent Evoking, Heck Of A Single.

In one year, during high-school, some of the graduating senior class took a car and drag raced in our grass covered football field, the weekend before the day. It was an interesting end to a semester. We, underclassmen knew who did it. But like in the movies, we knew NOT to chat about it. First, we were smaller (physically) vs. the larger and ‘athletic’ senior ‘perps’. Second, and more importantly: we really didn’t care. It was exactly like the apathy seen in a movie like ‘Dazed And Confused’. The ‘happenings’ or ‘circumstances’ were all isolated, and were not ‘world ending’. In our deepest of hearts, the underclassmen, knew this.

Survival? Maybe.

But even in hindsight, it wasn’t about traditional ‘survival’, but just ‘mocking’.

We mocked the upperclassmen. Like many ‘generation’ of underclassmen, we mocked – silently, and like chameleons hid our personal thoughts. It was, in teen terms, a pseudo ‘1984’ type surrounding.

Well, that’s a bit too dramatic, but it’s more fun to think that way.

Ultimately, the ‘perpetrators’ were caught, but with minimal damage to their reputation or actual blemishes to their academic / athletic resumes. For every local high-school is political. And every politics, start locally.

Oh those influential parents.


Why this rant? Because this is the feeling we get from Echo Courts’ ‘Take Away’. The fluid and ‘un-refined’ unique vocals and the arrangement of the presentation, takes us back to a certain memory in our heads. The single, in essence, pushed a button, and we at CHF dig it when songs ‘push memorial buttons’ – for ill, or not.

It’s a fab song, in any case of the term. You should try. Then buy.

‘Take Away’ is included in the upcoming album ‘Room With A View’ which drops July 13.



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